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CPU Compatibility: INTEL & AMD

HWID Spoofer By WTW

The WTW HWID spoofer can help you protect your account from hardware bans incurred by getting caught cheating. Instead of being unable to play a game using your computer ever again, an HWID spoofer will allow you to avoid these troublesome bans that threaten to throw a wrench into online cheating.

Which Windows Build Does This Product Support?

The WTW HWID spoofer has been designed to be as compatible with as many machines as possible. We know that nobody really wants to watch out for the latest Windows update because it may break their cheats or their spoofer, so this product was created to support all Windows 10 builds.

How Do I Change My BIOS Mode?

To use the spoofer in some games, you may have to access settings like UEFI mode in your computer’s BIOS. To access your BIOS, you’ll have to restart your computer and press a specific key when the splash screen shows up. Most of the time, it’s one of the “F” keys, but this varies from motherboard to motherboard and it will be clearly outlined on the splash screen.

HWID Spoofer by WTW

HWID spoofers are designed to mask the unique ID of your computer so that an anti-cheat system can’t identify your machine and ban you based off of your hardware configuration. Each computer has a unique HWID that will allow anti-cheat systems to identify unique machines, and HWID spoofers exist to hide this ID.

Most spoofers are relatively convoluted to use, but we’ve created the WTW HWID spoofer to be as reliable and easy to use as possible. We don’t want our customers to have to jump through hoops just so they can keep themselves protected while they’re using cheats in their favorite games.

This spoofer is designed to be as versatile as possible, and it supports a variety of different games, ranging from Escape From Tarkov to Apex Legends. Keep in mind that some of these games may have some specific steps that need to be taken. For example, you’ll have to reinstall your Origin client to use it on Apex Legends.

Why Use the WTW HWID Spoofer?
The main reason to use the WTW HWID spoofer is that it will allow you to prevent yourself from getting hardware banned if you ever get caught cheating. Even the most careful cheater may end up getting caught by an unexpected update to an anti-cheat system’s database, so why not play it safe?

Along with users that are trying to take a proactive approach, an HWID spoofer can also help you get back into your game of choice after you’ve been hardware banned from it. While an HWID spoofer will certainly allow you to circumvent a hardware ban, it’s usually more convenient to avoid getting banned in the first place.

Finally, the WTW HWID spoofer supports more games than most other spoofers, allowing you to ensure that your device is protected across a wide range of anti-cheat networks.

System Requirements

  • Supports Intel and AMD CPUs
  • Supports Nvidia and AMD GPUs
  • Windows 10
  • HWID Locked

WTW HWID Spoofer Supported Games

Hyper Scape
Escape from Tarkov
Apex Legends
Arma 3
Dead By Daylight
Rainbow Six Siege

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a HWID?
Your hardware ID (HWID) is a set of identifiers that anti-cheats use in order to determine who you are.
These identifiers are based off of the pieces of hardware you have inside your computer. For example, your motherboard has a specific serial assigned to it, and the only way to change that is by spoofing it or getting a new motherboard.
Q2. What is a "Spoofer"
A spoofer is a piece of software that gives you a new HWID. Usually, a spoofer will have to be ran every time you restart your system, depending on which spoofer you use.
Q3. Do I need to use a Spoofer?
You do NOT always need to use a spoofer. If you have never been HWID banned from the game you are playing, and your cheat is fully undetected, then you will not need a spoofer. If you do get HWID banned, you will however then need to spoof your HWID so that you aren’t instantly banned.
It is also advised to ALWAYS spoof to avoid getting your default HWID getting banned.
Yes, you’ll have to disable your antivirus as well as the secure boot feature in your PC’s BIOS.
No, this package doesn’t come included with an HWID spoofer. We offer one for PUBG separately, however.

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